Position Title
Novaterra Biological Consulting
2011 to Present

Peninsular bighorn sheep biological monitor for the San Diego Gas and Electric Sunrise Powerlink project

  • Protecting the Peninsular bighorn sheep from harm or harassment from project related activities while preventing unnecessary delays in construction related activities
  • Conducting daily pre-survey, extended daily surveys, and late afternoon surveys of proposed work areas
  • Monitoring the right-of-way throughout the day due to low elevation helicopter flights and ground crew activity
  • Tracking and documenting the location, number, sex, and age of all bighorn sheep near the project
  • Issuing daily reports of monitoring activities and notices of non-compliance
Position Title
San Bernardino National Forest, Supervisor’s Office
2009 to 2011
  • Creating and submitting written reports to various state and federal agencies including the Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB). Reports comprise of project updates, project proposals, monitoring, and evaluations
  • Assisting with the preparation of Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Statements
  • Ensuring Forest compliance with the Clean Water Act through watershed monitoring of fuel projects by implementing Best Management Practices (BMP) and conducting Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) water sampling on all three districts
  • Responsible for reviewing and submitting written specialist reports
  • BMP Evaluation Protocol (BMPEP) monitoring and data collection as per Regional targets
  • Lahontan RWQCB Timber waiver monitoring for all landings, skid trails, roads, riparian areas, and stream crossings
  • Hydrology monitor for the San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E) Sunrise Powerlink project on the Cleveland National Forest
  • Conducting ground water well monitoring and data analysis for multiple meadow restoration projects located on the Mountaintop Ranger District
  • Establishing restoration and erosion prevention plans in collaboration with California Transportation Department (Caltrans) for emergency highway washouts occurring on the Forest
  • Performing field surveys for four Congressionally designated Wild and Scenic Rivers’ assessments
  • Assisting with Marijuana grow site eradication and restoration projects on the Cleveland National Forest
  • Assisting in stream restoration projects on the San Jacinto National Forest involving the capture and release of various freshwater fish species using the electroshocking method
  • Designed and implemented forest road sediment yield study in Big Bear Lake, California
  • Integral part of Interdisciplinary Team conducting Watershed Condition Assessments using the Watershed Condition Framework for the 6th Field HUC’s in the San Bernardino National Forest. Input into Aquatic Physical, Aquatic Biological, and Terrestrial Physical
  • Designed and implemented erosion control and restoration efforts for the Morton Fire
  • Compiled reference data for the Washington Office Aerial Application of Fire Retardant EIS
Position Title
Wildlife Biological Technician
San Bernardino National Forest, Mountain Top Ranger District
2008 to 2009
  • Lead protocol field surveys for southwestern willow flycatcher, arroyo toad, mountain yellow-legged frog, desert tortoise, burrowing owl, San Bernardino kangaroo rat, and the California spotted owl
  • Assisted the Province Ecologist in mark and recapture small mammal trapping and statistical analysis
  • Supported the ongoing monitoring of wildlife studies, surveys, and activities to ensure program quality, effectiveness, technical adequacy
  • Monitored contract work being performed in limited operating periods and riparian conservation areas
  • Performed program management and oversight functions in the wildlife resources
  • Inspector for recreation cabin springs on the Big Bear Tract; interacted with recreational residence permittees and provided assistance to ensure resident springs met NFS approval and requirements and clarified water right issues
  • Inspector for reforestation projects on the Mountaintop District, and supervised planting crews
  • Conducted riparian assessment photo-point surveys for threatened and endangered species
  • Assisted botanists with invasive species eradication and meadow restoration projects
  • Strong ability to analyze wildlife management issues and problems
  • Certified Contracting Officer’s Representative
Position Title
Wildlife Biologist/Educator
The Animal Guys Inc.
2007 to 2008
  • Educated adults and children about native and exotic wildlife as well as a wide variety of biological concepts utilizing wild animals (rescued and captive bred) as teaching aids
  • Senior staff member providing care to over fifty different animal species
  • Developed lesson plans for K-12 students incorporating ecological and wildlife concepts


Masters of Science, Environmental Studies
Environmental Science with Honors
California State University Fullerton, Fullerton, CA
G.P.A. 3.98
 Bachelor of Arts, Environmental Biology 
Cum Laude and Departmental Honors
University of La Verne, La Verne, CA
G.P.A.  3.68


Master’s Thesis
Fullerton, CA

  • Quantifying Forest natural background and road sediment yield in Big Bear Lake, California
    • Developed study methodology from Forest TMDL problem statement
    • Acquired funding for study
    • Attained materials for data collection
    • Worked with Forest staff to acquire use of CCC crew for installation of silt fences. Supervised installation
    • Monitored study plots following multiple rain storm events
    • Replaced silt fences when public or precipitative forces removed structures
    • Statistically analyzed data
    • Wrote and defended the thesis project
    • Results integrated into Priority Watershed Action Plan to focus restoration efforts on specifically identified roads, slopes, aspects, and soil types
Research Assistant
La Verne, CA

  • Awarded $23,500 from Washington Forest Service, FY08 ISSSSP, for conservation work on the Chelan Mountain Snail, genus Oreohelix (Co-PI)
  • Tested the efficacy of various eradication methods designed for two highly invasive plant species, Nicotiana glauca and Ricinus communis, in hopes of restoring the Claremont Wilderness Trail’s native biodiversity and preventing future spread


  • ArcGIS
    • Basic use and application skills required for watershed condition assessments
    • NRIS Watershed Improvement Tracking database and Watershed Condition Assessment Tracking Tool
  • Public Speaking
    • Professionally trained and has served as a key speaker for past jobs and Alumni/recruitment events


  • Certificate of appreciation from the California State Legislature for recognizing her hard work and dedication to the successful completion of SR-330 Emergency Repair Project (2011)
  • Quality Step Increase (2010)
  • Certificate of merit for outstanding contributions to the wildlife management program on the Mountaintop Ranger District (2009)
  • Certificate of merit for extra effort in helping the Mountaintop Ranger District meet its fuels reduction and recreation residence project targets while reducing impacts to wildlife resources (2008)