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Novaterra Biological Consulting provides a variety of environmental services including general surveys for wildlife & plant species, focused surveys for regulatory species, biological construction monitoring, GIS mapping, informational graphics, wetland delineation, habitat restoration & improvement, and analysis & documentation. We have experience with government, utility, and private projects. We communicate with clients and regulatory agenices throughout the entire process to work as partners, fostering a complete understanding of the project objectives. We are experienced scientists who adapt to the needs of our clients while providing sensible effective solutions through project completion.


Wildlife and Plant Studies

We conduct several types of biological surveys to determine species present in a project area.

Focused Surveys for Regulatory Status Species

We determine presence or absence of State and Federally listed special status species.

Biological Monitoring

We provide biological monitors and environmental education for a wide variety of projects.

Data and Mapping

We specialize in data collection, database management, and GIS analysis.

Analysis and Documentation

We provide biological analysis for required documentation and reports.

Environmental Graphic Design

We provide visual materials for information distribution.

Habitat Restoration

We provide habitat restoration and improvement services in a variety of habitat types.

Wetland Delineation

We can determine the extent and nature of wetlands for your project.

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